We at ConservAqua have built our entire ethos around sustainability by helping to reduce water consumption across the industry. Our new innovative system of meter reading service allows you to constantly monitor your water, as well as an extremely user-friendly interface.

AquaManager is our dedicated customer portal which allows you to monitor your water usage. We have 2 different devices which can be used to upload the data to your AquaManager portal, we have our:

  • Smart device – Automatic Meter Reading device (AMR)
  • Snap device – Takes a Snapshot of the meter read and coverts it into a data value.

These devices both provide an automatic meter read directly from the meter to your AquaManager portal which will then be used to ensure you are billed on your real time usage. The extremely user-friendly interface allows you to easily navigate the portal and view your usage in both graph and data formats. These graphs can then be analysed by not only yourselves, but also by your dedicated ConservAqua account manager resulting in your water consumption being consistently monitored so if any anomalies occur you will be notified immediately.