Thousands of businesses have been overcharged for years.
Are you one of them?

It’s no secret that tens of thousands of business customers are being overcharged for their water and wastewater services, with many having never received an accurate bill.

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We have reclaimed huge sums including:

Cinema Chain
£90k Reclaimed

Auto Recovery Company
£85k Reclaimed

Supermarket Chain
£1.9m Reclaimed

Leisure Club
£980k Reclaimed

Building Material Wholesale
£570k Reclaimed

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Why choose ConservAqua?:

Accurate Billing

We thoroughly check your historical billing to ensure you have been charged correctly, arranging refunds on your behalf if you have been overcharged.

Easy to check

Simply arrange to send copies of billing for the period you wish to check, we have claimed refunds for clients for usage dating back over a decade!

More Benefits

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ConservAqua offer bespoke packages to business users for the supply of water and related services.

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