Scott Dagg

Scott was born in Australia and is a qualified Chartered Accountant (ICAA). He has been based in London for the past 18 years working in Investment Banking, Insurance and Asset Management firms- spending significant time working in many countries to deliver results. He has been specialising in senior consulting and IT Project Management roles, which have a strong risk reduction, corporate governance and controls focus. Scott has also funded Conservaqua to this point, and fully believes in its future success.

Mark Hanlon

Mark is a celebrated CEO and Sales Director of many companies. He has forged incredible success in his previous roles, with a true talent for ensuring that the customer is always satisfied- regardless of their size.  Critically, he has had experience in previous deregulated markets such as Telecoms, which was crucial for Ofwat to grant the NHH Licence to Conservaqua; they wanted to ensure that the 1.8M customers in the NHH market were offered something different to the traditional water company offerings. He is directly responsible for developing Conservaqua’s relationships with Energy brokers and Procurement firms, which will be the key source of our customers in the future.

Nick Butt

Nick heads our Technical Water Audit department, facilitating the shared savings and consultancy work. He is an experienced water services practitioner, delivering more than the expectations of our customers. With over 30 years’ experience in the water market, he specialises in Sustainability. He has significant water industry experience of water and wastewater functions; plus, direct experience of retail customer demands of their water and sewerage service providers. His qualifications include: MSc land & Water Management (Cranfield University) BSc (hons) degree Applied Science (Kingston University) CIWEM Diploma (Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management), is a member of the Institute of Water as well as a Charted Environmentalist of the society for the Environment and Chartered Water and Environmental member.

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