The SmartAqua device is our cutting-edge technology of automatic meter reading (AMR). These devices take an actual read from your meter every 15 minutes and uploads them to your AquaManager portal.

There are a few key benefits to the Smart Device:

  • No more estimated bills! – You are billed on exactly what you use, creating a much more financially accurate system.
  • Health and Safety – No need to lift heavy manhole covers or get stuck in tight nooks trying to read your meter, you can simply sit back and allow the technology to do all the work!
  • Instant Leak Detection – The Smart device also sends alerts of spikes in usage to not only your account manager but also to you directly via an email. Therefore, if any leaks do occur then they will be picked up straight away, meaning minimal water is wasted and the leak doesn’t cause a shock bill in the future.

A recent exercise was carried out at a holiday park in Ramsgate. Upon installation of our Smart device and analysis from our expert team, we discovered that they had a substantial leak. This leak was equivalent to 16 Olympic sized swimming pools a year, costing the customer upwards of £100,000 annually. With this information we are able to start the process of getting the leak repaired as well as claim back a refund going back a number of years.