The SnapAqua model is our newest device brought into the market which takes a snapshot of the meter every day and converts the actual meter read and converts it into a data value. This is then automatically uploaded to your AquaManager portal.

Just like the SmartAqua model the benefits include.

  • No more estimated bills! – You are billed on exactly what you use, creating a much more financially accurate system.
  • Health and Safety – No need to lift heavy manhole covers or get stuck in tight nooks trying to read your meter, you can simply sit back and allow the technology to do all the work!

We installed the second trial device for a client because they had suspected a leak on site but each time, they went to read the meter, the condensation inside the meter meant the digits were illegible and after a prolonged dispute predating ConservAqua’s involvement, the Wholesaler had refused to exchange the meter.

Upon installing the trial Snap device, it was possible to obtain photos of the meter digits once a day. The condensation was still an issue, but as we obtained daily photographic reads, we were able to verify the meter read digits and therefore the consumption at least 5 times per week during the trial period.

Normally this client would have been unhappy with receiving estimated bills until we could verify the meter reads, but the use of the Snap device data has enabled our client to be billed on actual consumption each month with no further effort from their team, and whilst also being delighted to have certainty of their monthly cashflows and have the ability to monitor their usage in order to drive process and staff behaviour improvements.