Bill validations are broken down into 3 steps:

  1. Water audit – checking water, waste and trade effluent bills to ensure that you’re being billed accurately and not being either overcharged or undercharge,
  2. Identify ways to save money on any bills moving forward,
  3. Monitoring bills moving forward to ensure you never pay more than you should on water, waste and trade effluent.

But what value can this add to your business?

Water and waste bills can be complex, especially if your site has multiple SPID’s and/or meters along with potential introducing charges for trade effluent or surface water can create hidden or obscure costs within your monthly bill.

The value of water bill validation can be substantial; However, it does depend on the size of your portfolio as well as your charges for water and waste.

An example of this is when a very large managing agent in the UK had a bill validation carried out by us. From this our technical team discovered that they were being billed under the wrong tariff, costing them tens of thousands a year!

Upon application to the wholesaler, we were able to retrieve a refund of over £40,000!

If you believe a bill validation could be beneficial for your business, do not hesitate to contact your account manager for more information.