Pollution Penalties increase to over £250 million for water firms

In early January of this year, the Environmental Audit Committee issued a warning to all water firms that there is a chronic underinvestment in monitoring and enforcement of rules has resulted in significantly poor water quality in rivers, lakes and streams across the country.

It was found that 14% of rivers in England met the ecological standards and have been contaminated by a dangerous concoction of chemicals made up of pollution from agriculture, sewage and single-use plastics. For example:

  • Milk cartons,
  • Water bottles,
  • Food containers,
  • Plastic cutlery.

One of the biggest problems facing the nations water supply is the impact of the sewers. The studies found that the treatment of the sewage works is below standard required causing issues with the sewage overflow systems. Additionally, the study found that 36% of water bodies in the country are being prevented from achieving good ecological status because of these exact issues. The pressure is well and truly on the wholesalers!